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Greek for Education and meaning to ‘draw from within’, Edukos Trust is a family of primary schools, currently all from within the East Riding of Yorkshire. The journey has been both exciting and interesting. We’re proud of our strengths and the collaborative approach we take to supporting the children, families, staff, and wider community that we serve. It is for that reason that we are keen to welcome new members to our family of schools and look forward to being able to work with you in the future.

Single Academy Trust

The coalition government allowed Outstanding schools to become academies. Swanland Primary School’s LGB undertook rigorous fact finding and decided at that time it was the right thing to do for the school. This was only ever intended to benefit the Swanland Primary School Community.

Converted to MAT

Having been approached by Dunswell Primary School’s LGB, the Trustees of Swanland Primary School Academy Trust agreed to convert to a Multi Academy Trust.This was done to safeguard Dunswell’s future, support it’s improvement and to establish a new leadership structure.

Name of Trust Changed

Owing to the Trust having been ‘inaugurated’ by Swanland Primary School, the name of the trust was established in 2011.As the political landscape was heavily leaning towards all schools being academies, the Trustees decided to change the name, removing ‘Primary School’ to distinguish that it was not just one school.

Growth Plan (Phase 1)

With Government policy still being firmly on all schools becoming academies, the Trustees developed their Growth Plan Strategy to support this policy. This was around aligning staffing structures, policy and procedures and beginning to work with a wider group of schools. Discussions with Sheffield Diocese began.

Reconstituted to Mixed MAT

Owing to Hook CE Primary School wanting to join the Trust, the legal structure of the trust was changed to ensure that schools with a church affiliation would be able to join. This means that on the board of Trustees or Members Board, the Diocese will have representation.

Airmyn Park Primary Joined

A long standing informal relationship with the Trust saw Airmyn make the decision to formalise this relationship and in May 2018, the school joined the Trust.

Hook C E Primary Joined

Similarly, a long standing informal relationship with the Trust saw Hook make the decision to formalise this relationship and in June 2018, the school joined the trust.

Growth Plan (Phase 2)

The board of Trustees have a strong desire to strengthen the already successful relationship of the schools within the trust, by boarding new schools. The trust is looking for a diverse range of schools and is looking forward to working with schools that will bring further skills/expertise to Trust.

Name of Trust Changed

Trust renamed Edukos Trust


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